Our Planning Process

It All Starts With A Plan

A confident retirement. Saving for your child’s college fund. Building wealth to pass on to your family. These are common investment objectives and with good reason – people want to feel confident financially while also providing for the ones they love. But just because a goal is common, doesn’t mean the approach should be.

What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

Listening, understanding, being thorough, and having a strategic plan for how to address a client’s goals is what we do best. Because we know how important family is, and how every person deserves to live more confidently as they get older, we work very hard to make sure our clients are able to pursue their financial goals as we would do for our own. Our job is first, to understand you and your specific circumstances, and second, to use that knowledge to tailor a plan that fits your life and your vision for your future. And let’s be clear, a tailored plan goes beyond simply choosing investment products. It entails a deep knowledge and appreciation of your objectives, needs, long-term goals, time horizon, risk tolerance and – most importantly – your personal values.

How Our Process Works

How Our Process Works

We strive to make the planning process a comfortable, and empowering experience. When we sit down with a client and begin the planning process, it starts by asking them to identify their personal goals and then helping prioritize what things we can accomplish immediately, and what items we need to work toward over many years.

The next step is gathering information. We provide our clients with a “What To Gather” list that encourages them to bring in as many statements and documents as possible to help us better understand where they are today financially. Our team then works together to analyze the data and identify opportunities for improvement.

If we see that a client could benefit from a particular course of action, we formulate a proposal and implement it upon the client’s approval. We will then review and monitor progress on an ongoing basis and adjust as needed.

What's Covered in the Planning Process?

While engaged in the planning process, we review a broad range of topics including budgeting, planning for emergency needs, managing debt, accumulating wealth, planning for special purchases, developing appropriate tax planning strategies, planning for retirement, managing risk, and working with other professionals to preserve wealth via estate planning strategies.

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